Now, you are sitting opposite your personal computer or other device and reading this article on this website, so you don’t pay attention how the Internet web envelop all of your house’s space. Every modern family has home wireless router in house, because this device make life more easier. It’s not necessary to wait a queue to sit in the Internet, because the Internet is everywhere.

21st century is time, when able to use Internet connection with high speed, watch full HD videos by using services like Netflix, use Internet of things devices . There are really big number of wireless networks, which aren’t stopped to increase. Statistics shows us that average American family has about eight connected devices, but it 2013 this number was about five. There are some predicts that there will be about fifty connected to network devices in 2022.

Every router has bad habit to getting older. It’s all because technologies don’t stand still. There are can be troubles with manufacturer’s supporting, security settings and visual appearance. There is no problems to buy new router, because market offers routers from the most popular manufacturers like Netgear and Lynksys to unknown routers, which usually made by Chinese workers in basement.

Eero and Google’s OnHub routers, which are made by ASUS and TP-link, were developed not so long ago. This devices are really good opponents to traditional manufacturer’s devices, so it means that there can be some changes in global router’s market. These routers try to take the best from “old” and combine it with latest security technologies. Usually, you need to log in web interface (the most popular address is 192.168.l.l), but now you can configure your router by using smartphone app.

Brad Russell is analyst, who said that routers were pure functionality thing, which stayed in rooms and no one pays it attention, but now situation has changed. There are routers, which like Apple devices. They can be decoration for your room, because people feel nice to look at them. You can place it in your lounge.

You can find this routers on market now, but only part of it, because some of them are developing at the moment. They are testing in special labs, because manufacturers want to make breakthrough product. To make it, it’s necessary to spend a lot of time on testing, debugging and upgrading, so buyers just have to wait.