Wider Range.

Every user is searching for router, which can cover all parts of it house. Every house has places, where signal can’t reach. Signal strength is important feature if we are talking about the Internet connection speed. Manufacturers try to make them router radio signal as strong as they can.

Eero router network can cover all of your house by putting box in middle of house. This router has no alternates in it price segment, so every manufacturers want to surpass it.

More Bandwidth.

Modern generation is faster than old generation and next generation will be faster than this. It depends on network connection protocol. For example, latest models use IEEE 802.11ac. This standart can process more information than IEEE 802.11n. If you want to have high speed connection, it’s necessary to buy router with 802.11ac.

Some routers can handle more information than typical user need. For example, Linksys AC2600 (EA8500) has bandwidth 5.4 GB per second by using “MU-MIMO” technology, but average house has about 50 Mbps data getting, so it means that manufacturers compete for future audience.

Easier configuration.

21st century provides to configure your routers settings by using special smartphone app. To configure old model of router, you need to log in web interface. To enter it, you need to write IP address in browser bar (the most popular IP address is 192.168.l.l). Sounds hard, doesn’t it? To configure, for example Eero, you don’t need to write or turn on your personal computer. All what you need is smartphone, which can be putted in your pocket. That’s really breakthrough feature in home Wi-Fi routers market. Moreover, there is router (The Starry Station) with touchscreen, which you can use to solve troubles with connection or call technical support.

Stronger Security.

Modern routers can protect your data from unknown user, so you can feel secure. But there are some things that you should do manually. You need to update your firmware. There are some routers with automatically firmware updating, but activating is manually too. All manufacturers try to make their routers more secure. There are a lot of criminals, who always try to get users data by using special Linuxa-based viruses and other methods.

If you don’t want to give your children a lot of Internet time, you can set time limit. This function available on latest models of medium class routers.

Beautiful design

Nowadays, routers aren’t just ugly boxes. That’s all because of high competition between manufacturers.  They try to make not only functional device, they try to make something what you can show to your guests without shame.

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